Banking and finance

Our team assists clients in advising on all types of financing issues, launch and operation of fintech products, openning and supporting bank accounts, AML/KYC requirements.

Our Services:

  • Banks and general financial regulations     
  • Consulting on banking issues, financial services in Cyprus     
  • Regulatory aspects of interaction with banks, payment platforms and providers of alternative financial products     
  • Supporting issues related to work with banks, opening and maintaining bank account


VR-games development studio

Assistance with the incorporation of a new company in Cyprus and opening a corporate account in Cyprus EMI, contractual arrangements with product development specialists, expertise in preparing the collective transfer of IP.

Implementation of the "IP Box" tax regime

REVERA’s lawyers assisted the client in obtaining the benefits of the IP box regime: we prepared a business plan, reviewed the IP description, organized interaction with independent auditors, including obtaining their final conclusion. In addition, the REVERA’s team conducted a number of consultations on restructuring of the client's business.

Structuring the investment deal for GameDev Studio

REVERA’s experts drafted a shareholder agreement and participated in lengthy negotiations to agree the terms between the founders and the investor. The investor in the deal was a large state-owned gaming corporation (one of the 50 largest in the world). We provided solutions for a wide range of issues: intellectual property, corporate and tax administration, incorporation and banking matters