Labour law

The REVERA team is ready to accompany projects from building an option program for employees to the development of a personnel document flow system, human resources documentation audit and the development or adaptation of corporate policies and other documents in labour law.

Our services in the field of labor law:

  1. Counseling on the procedure, recommendations regarding formalization of the beginning, extension and termination of labour relations     
  2. Counseling on the establishment, transfer, termination of the remote nature of the work     
  3. Сounseling on the provision of labour and social leave, social guarantees     
  4. Сounseling on the methods of building a remuneration system in the company, taking into account the focus of the client’s business     
  5. Drafting employment agreements, including with top managers, heads of companies, etc.     
  6. Preparing the monthly company's payroll     
  7. Development of the option plan (ESOP) itself and an agreement with an employee specifying terms and conditions for each employee (specific number of stocks, vesting schedule, and others)     
  8. Development of the approaches, as well as selection of a system of remuneration and bonus payments for employees, the application of flexible remuneration systems, development of employee motivation and incentive systems, introduction of option programs     
  9. Development of the NCA (non-compete agreement) and the NSA (non-solicitation agreement) and advising on their functioning in practice



REVERA assisted the IT project Eidolon in setting up the company in Cyprus on a turnkey basis (including all mandatory post-registration activities), as well as handling the relocation and employment of foreign IT specialists in Cyprus (including the necessary migration issues).

Advertising Platforms Developer

REVERA’s team assisted the client in building contractual relations with numerous partners from different jurisdictions: advertisers, advertising platforms, publishers and also provided support in preparing standard interaction agreements with entrepreneurs/individuals. Ongoing consultancy required REVERA’s lawyers to be deeply immersed in the technical part of online marketing tools.

Implementation of the "IP Box" tax regime

REVERA’s lawyers assisted the client in obtaining the benefits of the IP box regime: we prepared a business plan, reviewed the IP description, organized interaction with independent auditors, including obtaining their final conclusion. In addition, the REVERA’s team conducted a number of consultations on restructuring of the client's business.

One of the world leading game publishers

It was a comprehensive project to develop a full employee incentive plan by giving the key employees rights to receive a certain amount of company shares in the future if certain conditions are met (ESOP). When developing the plan, global approaches to ESOPs, corporate legislation of Cyprus, and the needs of the company were taken into account.

Acquisition of an i-gaming studio

Comprehensive legal advice on the Malta-Philippines-Cyprus deal, including drafting of transaction terms, preparation of non-competition and non-solicitation undertakings and corporate management customization.

Android game developer

Support in setting up a company in Cyprus from scratch, obtaining special status for the recruitment of foreign employees, structuring relations with customers and contractors, and establishing a separate service center