Implementation of the "IP Box" tax regime

REVERA’s client - a software developer - benefited from IP box regime when opening an office in Cyprus

The REVERA team supported the client company's new office in Cyprus in opening a corporate account in a foreign EMI, obtaining a foreign company status, relocation and recruitment of employees. 

REVERA lawyers also assisted the client in obtaining the benefits of the IP box regime: we prepared a business plan, reviewed the IP description, organized interaction with independent auditors, including obtaining their final conclusion.

In addition, the REVERA team conducted a number of consultations on restructuring of the client's business, during which we helped to select options for structuring contractual relations with counterparties, prepared software rights purchase agreement and standard agreements for interaction with individual entrepreneurs/individuals, reviewed licensing agreements.


Similar projects


REVERA assisted the IT project Eidolon in setting up the company in Cyprus on a turnkey basis (including all mandatory post-registration activities), as well as handling the relocation and employment of foreign IT specialists in Cyprus (including the necessary migration issues).

Vandrouka Games

Comprehensive support in launching an office in Cyprus: company registration (along with obtaining foreign company status), relocation support for some IT staff (including dealing with mandatory migration issues), opening a corporate account in the payment system, formalizing the accumulation of exclusive rights to IT development within the company, as well as attracting investment.

Advertising Platforms Developer

REVERA’s team assisted the client in building contractual relations with numerous partners from different jurisdictions: advertisers, advertising platforms, publishers and also provided support in preparing standard interaction agreements with entrepreneurs/individuals. Ongoing consultancy required REVERA’s lawyers to be deeply immersed in the technical part of online marketing tools.