Using audio content from stock libraries

When developing applications aimed at creating user-generated content using copyrighted materials, developers often turn to stock sources.

Have you carefully read the terms and conditions under which music stocks provide rights to use their music?

Audio content provided to stock users is based on a license. The extent of use depends on the type of license provided and the restrictions set by the stock.

In practice, music stocks may allow the user to:

  • Download audio content
  • Play audio
  • Modify, adapt, and so on.

In each specific case, the terms of use can be found on the selected stock's website.

Prohibited ways of using music from stocks include

  • Using only for non-commercial purposes.

Any attempt to use content for commercial purposes (e.g., resale) is not allowed.

  • Distributing content in its original form and/or as a separate object.
  • Prohibiting the use of audio content for the purpose of engaging in competing activities.

The stock may also jointly establish restrictions on the amount of downloadable content to protect itself from the emergence of competitors who have used their own content.

Some stocks also explicitly prohibit the use of audio as part of a music library or video templates.

Note that despite the established restrictions and prohibitions, services may offer specialized individual solutions for an additional fee and on individual licensing terms.

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