Opening accounts in 6 countries and settlement mechanism

Today, opening an account in different countries might look like a marathon with an impressive list of required documents. Thus, each country has its characteristics depending on the residence status and business goals.

What to pay attention to, how to assess prospects and limitations, how to ensure the process of opening accounts and making transactions goes smoothly and within the desired time frame.

Opening bank accounts in Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus.

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17 May — Opening private accounts and operations on them

  1. 15:00 | 16:00 | 17:00 |18:00
    Welcome greetings of the participants. Presentation of the Speakers & REVERA law group.
    • Transactions restrictions, payment currency, and country characteristics overview.
    • Opening accounts for non-residents in 6 countries and operations on them.
  2. 15:15 | 16:15 | 17:15 | 18:15
    Opening private accounts for non-residents in 6 countries and operations on them.
    • Complexity index, key requirements and main limitations.
  3. 15:35 | 16:35 | 17:35 | 18:35
    Payments on accounts of non-residents: what are the restrictions - on the territory of 6 countries?
    • Possibility of using one or another payment currency.
    • The basic restrictions on payments.
    • AML thresholds for payments.
    • Q&A
  4. 15:50 | 16:50 | 17:50 | 18:50
    Exchange of information within the framework of the OECD Multilateral Agreement and the Protocol on the exchange of information in electronic form between the CIS member states of November 2, 2018                                                             
    • Q&A
  5. 16:15 | 17:15 | 18:15 | 19:15
    Regulation of cryptocurrency. Features of legislation in 6 countries.
    • We will also discuss what solutions are applied in the country if the country’s banks do not accept access to FIAT in the country.
    • Q&A
  6. 16:35 | 17:35 | 18:35 | 19:35
    Summing up: key points on account opening and transactions.

24 May — Opening of corporate accounts and operations on them

  1. 15:00 | 16:00 | 17:00 |18:00
    Presentation of speakers and REVERA law group. Updating the issue.
    • opening problem.
    • payment problem - transit restrictions, - restrictions on types of transactions, - restrictions on country and / or payment currency.
  2. 15:15 | 16:15 | 17:15 | 18:15
    Opening of corporate accounts by non-residents in 6 countries and operations on them.
    • Speed ​​of settlements and payment guarantees.
    • The approach of banks in each of the 6 countries regarding KYC and AML procedures. Key requirements.
    • Possibility of using a particular payment currency.
    • Q&A
  3. 15:35 | 16:35 | 17:35 | 18:35
    Opening of corporate accounts by residents in 6 countries and operations on them.
    • Difficulty index for each country (high, medium and low). Deadlines for opening accounts.
    • Requirements for the beneficiary, director, substance of the company, nature of activity, type of counterparties.
    • Which reduces the likelihood of opening an account.
    • Key restrictions in payments: by country, by payment currencies, by purpose of payments.
    • Banks' approach to KYC and AML procedures.
    • Q&A
  4. 15:50 | 16:50 | 17:50 | 18:50
    Summing up: key points for opening accounts and making transactions.
    • Q&A

REVERA Experts

Dmitry Arkhipenko

Managing partner of REVERA law group

Dmitry specialises in managing complex legal projects in the area of structuring international groups and international business, mergers and acquisitions and raising finance, as well as advising clients on the implementation of major investment projects.

Andrey Artyushenko

Partner, Head of REVERA Kazakhstan

Experience as a lawyer for over 23 years: contract law, real estate construction, management for hotel chains, corporate issues, investment law, arbitration, and so on.

Savvas Savva

Partner, Head of REVERA Cyprus

Savvas has an extensive experience in Business Consulting and company restructuring, Tax Planning, VAT and VIES, Auditing and Assurance for both international and local clients and financial advisory for large multinational groups, for over than 25 year.

Annie Davtian

Regional partner of REVERA Armenia legal desk

Annie specializes in intellectual property protection matters, including practicing corporate and commercial law.

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Leading Associate of Infrastructure Projects Practice REVERA Belarus

Mikhail specialises in foreign trade and international settlements, taxes and customs, leasing, and tort law. He has extensive practical experience in these areas.

Vsevolod Domrachev

Leading Associate REVERA Georgia

Vsevolod specializes in Georgian legislation, leads projects on structuring and expansion of business in Georgia, provides advises to clients on double taxation, tax and currency residency issues.

Elena Kravchenko

Associate REVERA Kazakhstan

Qualified associate with 15 years of experience. Specializes in legal support for IT companies.

Nilufar Mirjalilova

Associate Azimuth Law Firm

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