Anna Solovei

Counsel, Head of M&A and Corporate Structuring Technology Companies Practice REVERA law group

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Since 2008, Anna has worked as a corporate lawyer for an IT product company, after which she worked in consulting and specialized in legal support of companies in the IT field.  Anna joined REVERA's team in 2018.  

In our company, Anna specialises in:

  • Supporting mergers and acquisitions in the IT sphere 
  • Restructuring groups of companies with the participation of foreign entities 

Moreover, Anna has a solid job-related experience in due diligence checks of IT companies and legal representation with respect to formalisation and protection of intellectual property rights. 


Developer of a mobile action game

REVERA’s lawyers conducted a comprehensive expertise of transferring IP rights to the company from its team members as well as assisted in a number of investment issues. The advice provided required a deep dive into the technical aspects of game development in order to formalize the IP more correctly.

Multi-jurisdictional group of IT companies

Supporting the client in obtaining investments from 4 investment funds from different jurisdictions, preparing documents for investment deals, structuring relations with R&D offices

Investor in the field of online applications

Supporting the establishment of a joint venture by companies from three countries, including drafting of loan agreement secured by the pledge provisions, an option agreement, a shareholders agreement, and a share purchase agreement, as well as share subscription agreements.

Acquisition of an i-gaming studio

Comprehensive legal advice on the Malta-Philippines-Cyprus deal, including drafting of transaction terms, preparation of non-competition and non-solicitation undertakings and corporate management customization.

Gambling group of companies sold

REVERA has accompanied the sale of a group of companies with a European license to operate an online gambling business. The deal included commercial negotiations, preparation of transaction documentation, IP transfer, approval of the transaction by the regulator of a European country

Structuring the investment deal for GameDev Studio

REVERA’s experts drafted a shareholder agreement and participated in lengthy negotiations to agree the terms between the founders and the investor. The investor in the deal was a large state-owned gaming corporation (one of the 50 largest in the world). We provided solutions for a wide range of issues: intellectual property, corporate and tax administration, incorporation and banking matters