Tax consulting

While working with business, we not only act for, but also progress approaches to planning and preserving client finances: first of all, we take into account business goals, and then we develop and implement strategies necessary to ensure the success of long-term financial plans.

Our lawyers provide comprehensive tax advice, tax structuring of groups of companies, and also help in the resolution of tax disputes both at the pre-trial and pre-trial stages.

REVERA provides legal assistance in the field of tax advice, relying on its own legal practice and the global practice of legal tax consulting.

We are ready to provide legal assistance to our clients both in the integrated development of tax decisions, and on specific tax issues.


Our services:

  1. Advice on the application of tax legislation     
  2. Advice on choosing the optimal taxation system     
  3. Advising on tax aspects of the implementation by foreign organizations of activities in the Republic of Cyprus through a permanent establishment     
  4. Advice on tax consequences of transactions     
  5. Advice on the application of international treaties on the avoidance of double taxation